Vostok Station (Trailer)

Music + Sound Design

Vostok Station (Trailer)

This short follows Fredryk Wosniak, the sole survivor of a mysterious and cataclysmic event through a bizarre and beautiful arctic landscape. Sans dialogue, the music and sound-design are major features alongside the post-production-heavy imagery.

26th Sundance Film Festival (USA), 2010
International Film Festival Breda (The Netherlands), 2010
Dallas International Film Festival (USA), 2010
5th NZ Film Festival in China (China), 2010
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (Canada), 2010
Taipei Golden Horse (Taiwan), 2010
San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film (Spain), 2010
Rooftop Film Festival, Brooklyn (NYC), 2010
54th Valladolid International Film Festival (Spain), 2009
29th Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden), 2009
One Dot Zero Film Festival (UK), 2009
Interfilm Film Festival (Germany), 2009

Director: Dylan Pharazyn
My Credit: Composition, Sound Design, and Audio Post

Tags: 3D CGI Hallucination Ice Sci-Fi Ships Snow Surreal